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Trinity Computer Accounts for External Examiners

To access the necessary Trinity IT systems for your role, you will need a Trinity computer account.

The nominating Trinity School or Department must request a Trinity computer account on your behalf from the Trinity Human Resources department.

If this hasn't occurred, please contact your nominating School or Department.

After your account application is processed, you will receive an email, from, with a password-protected PDF. This PDF will contain your Trinity account username and password. Please note, there will be no email mailbox associated with this computer account.

When signing into Trinity IT systems such as Blackboard, enter your Trinity computer account username in the form If you omit the '' part, the login will fail.

If you do not receive your new account details, please contact the Human Resources department.

Two Step Sign-In on computer accounts

All Trinity computer account holders are required to set up Two Step Sign-In (TSSI) on their accounts.

With TSSI, you will be prompted to confirm your identity by a separate method - typically through a code provided by text message to your mobile phone or via the Microsoft Authenticator app.

The TSSI setup process begins when you sign into Blackboard or Microsoft Teams, with your Trinity computer account, for the first time.

Please see our dedicated web pages for more information about setting up Two Step Sign-In.

Setting Up Two Step Sign-In

Common computer account issues for external examiners

As external examiners tend to only use their Trinity computer accounts at certain times of the year, it is common for those accounts to:

  • become disabled due to inactivity
  • lock because of incorrect passwords being entered
  • have their password expire

Below are links to the most common problems as well as solutions for those issues.