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Blackboard Student Timetable

The Blackboard Student Timetable provides students with a timetable calendar within Blackboard. Students can see what time their classes are at, where their classes are taking place and who their lecturers for each class are.

The Blackboard timetable is only updated once a day so if students are unsure if the information is accurate they should double check it on their timetable available in SITS ( It is important to be aware that all student timetables are subject to regular changes. Further details about student timetables can be gotten from each School or Course Office. If you are in doubt about the accuracy of your student timetable, please check it on SITS (

Please see this guide on how to access the Blackboard Student Timetable.

It is possible to sync your Blackboard Student Timetable with your MyZone Calendar or a calendar service on your smartphone. See this page for more details.

Blackboard Student Timetable - Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the Blackboard student timetable updated?

The timetable is updated once per day. This update occurs overnight.

Who can view the timetabled classes?

Every student who has timetabled classes and can log in to Blackboard will be able to view their own classes. Students should not use each other’s timetables as they may have different classes.

What if the information in the Blackboard student timetable doesn’t match with the SITS timetable?

If the information in your Blackboard timetable doesn’t match with your SITS timetable, use the information in the SITS timetable. After the next overnight refresh, the two timetables should be in sync with each other.

Can I use the Blackboard timetable calendar for personal use?

You can use the Blackboard student timetable calendar for personal use but this is not recommended as we cannot guarantee that events you have entered will be retained whenever the timetable is updated.

Why am I able to edit and delete timetabled classes?

The Blackboard student timetable uses the Blackboard personal calendar as a base for storing timetabled classes. As a result, students can edit and delete these classes on the timetable. This will only impact the student’s own Blackboard student timetable and these deleted or edited classes will be restored to their original form after the timetable updates overnight.

Why are there duplicated classes on my Blackboard student timetable?

This has happened because of an error. If this happens, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Can I use the Blackboard student app to view the student timetable?

No, the student timetable is not available in the Blackboard student app.