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Blackboard rollover guide for the new academic year 2023/24

The 2023/24 modules spaces are now available in Blackboard in preparation for the new academic year.

Lecturers have a choice to:

  • 'Copy' or roll over the course material from the 2022/23 module to the 2023/24 module or;
  • Build the 2023/24 module with new content and activities

To roll over your module, please carry out the steps outlined below:

Your 2022/23 modules (with content) and 2023/24 modules spaces should be listed on your Module List when you log in to Blackboard.

(If the 2023/24 modules are not present on your module list, please contact your School Office to ensure you are timetabled to the modules in CMIS)

For this example the copy process is taking place from module INTRO-202223 to INTRO-202324.

  1. Click on and open the 2022/23 module code e.g. INTRO-202223

  2. Ensure Edit Mode is on in Blackboard (top right)

    Edit Mode: On

  3. Go to the Control Panel section of the module (bottom left of the screen)

    Module Management

  4. Within the Control Panel under Packages and Utilities, click on Module Copy

    Module Copy

  5. Choose the option > Copy Module Material Into Existing Module

    Select Copy Type

  6. Browse for the 2023/24 module code.

    Select Copy Options

  7. Select the corresponding 2023/24 code from the list that appears e.g. INTRO-202324 and click Submit.

  8. Select the Module Materials you wish to copy across from the 2022/23 to the 2023/24 module or you can also click Select All. However, you may not wish to copy old Announcements across, as these are typically time specific.

    Select All

  9. Under File Attachments you select 'Copy links and copies of the content (include entire module home folder)' which will include all files from the module. Please note: there is a quota of 7gb per module; you can click 'Calculate Size' to ensure your module is within the quota limit.

  10. Enrolments: it is very important that you do NOT copy enrolments.
    • Ensure this box is NOT ticked.

  11. Once you are ready to copy the items click on Submit.


    The copy will take a few minutes to complete depending on the size of the module. When the copy is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

  12. Access your 2023/24 module to check that your content has copied over successfully.

If you are experiencing difficulty, then please contact the Teaching and Learning IT group via

Turnitin rollover process

Please refer to the guide below (Option 1 or 2) applicable to you.

Visit the Staff Help guide on Turnitin for more information, including information on how to manage the visibility of feedback and grades once you create assignments.

Panopto rollover process

A guide for copying your Panopto video content is available below.

Panopto Rollover Guide

MyReadingList rollover process

If you are using the MyReadingList service within Blackboard, please see the Library site for guides on this.

MyReadingList website

Grades Journey weighted columns

If your modules are participating in the opt-in Grades Journey service, please delete any old weighted columns relating to Grades Journey in your new 2023/24 module's Grade Centre.

Recreating Panopto and Collaborate links

If you linked to Panopto or Collaborate recordings in Blackboard content folders in your 2022/23 module, you will need to recreate these links in your 2023/24 module to point to the corresponding 2023/24 content.

Otherwise the links will still be pointing back to the 2022/23 module recordings which students in the new module may not have access to.

  • Example 1:
    • In the 2022/23 module, a Panopto video was added to a folder via Build Content - Panopto Video Embed. When the module content is copied across to the 2023/24 module, this embedded video link will still be pointing to the 2022/23 version and should be recreated to point to the corresponding video file hosted in the 2023/24 module's Panopto folder.
  • Example 2:
    • In the 2022/23 module, a Collaborate session was recorded; the instructor then wanted to embed a link to the recording in a Blackboard folder e.g. Week 3 Lecture. They made the recording available to Guests and then used Build Content - Web Link within the folder to link to the recording. When the module is rolled over to the 2023/24 module, this web link in the 2023/24 module would still be pointing back to the 2022/23 recording as it is a fixed link and so would need to be recreated.

For information on how to create new modules and add content, check out the below guide.

Creating your modules and adding content

Further Guides on Blackboard and other Technologies for Teaching and Learning

Visit the Staff Help section within Blackboard for more guides on the different features available in Blackboard.

For queries please email