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Irish language - Proofing software

Irish Language Tools for Microsoft 365

Windows PCs

Irish language Accessory Packs, including proofing tools and options to change the interface language, are available for Microsoft 365. There are also Language Packs available for the Windows operating system as a whole.

Most Trinity PCs purchased through Dell will ship with the Microsoft 365 Proofing Tools already installed, and you can switch your language preferences, in Microsoft Word for example, under Review - Language - Language Preferences.

Please follow the links below for further advice and instructions to install either Microsoft 365 or Windows Language Packs.

Apple Macs

Microsoft do not provide Irish language Proofing Tools for Apple Mac versions of Microsoft 365 and there are no other recommended Irish language proofing tools for macOS. You can change the system language to Irish under Apple - Preferences - Language, but the option for Irish will not provide Irish language spellcheck functionality in applications such as Word or change the language of the majority of the user interface. Please note that the Option (alt) key can be used to type a fada on the Mac. For example, press the Option key and 'e' at the same time to get 'é'. To get a capital letter with a fada, press shift, option (alt) and the required letter simultaneously.

Additional Resources

The Irish Language Office website includes additional information on Irish language resources.