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Guest Wi-Fi - FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions related to the guest wireless internet access service in TCD.

How do I obtain a guest Wi-Fi account?

Contact the Trinity department that is sponsoring your visit. The department will have an authorising party who can request a guest Wi-Fi account on your behalf.

I cannot see any available Wi-Fi networks. What is the issue?

Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device. The steps involved vary according to device. Your device manufacturer will have instructions on how to enable this feature. If there is still no Wi-Fi network listed this would either indicate that you are in an area that has no Wi-Fi coverage, or there is some issue with Wi-Fi on your device.

TCDguest does not appear in my list of available networks?

Make sure that you are in an area that is covered by TCDguest Wi-Fi. Please see the Trinity Wi-Fi coverage information for areas that are covered.

I have connected to TCDguest, however my web browser will not display the guest wireless welcome page

Try an alternative web browser on your device to see if the page will display. If you are using a laptop make sure that no web proxy settings are set in your browser. If you continue to have problems please contact your department authorising party to check if the service is available.

My guest Wi-Fi account credentials are not being accepted.

Contact your department authorising party to request a new account.

My guest Wi-Fi account which I have been using has ceased working

Each account lasts for a set duration and so yours may have expired. Contact your department authorising party so that a new account may be issued.

Can I get an account with a duration longer than 1 month?

Guest Wi-Fi accounts are issued for durations of 3 days, 1 week, or 1 month, as per the terms of service. If you are doing work for Trinity for longer periods you may be eligible for a Trinity staff computer account. Contact your department for information on this.

I am experiencing other issues with my device. Is there any technical support available?

Unfortunately no support is available from IT Services in Trinity for guests' personal devices.