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How to attach automated captions to Panopto recordings

The below steps will show you how to attach automated captions to your Panopto lecture recordings stored in Blackboard.

  1. Log into Blackboard and go to the module where you have your Panopto lecture recordings stored. The Panopto recordings link is in the left-hand content menu in your module.

  2. Click on the Panopto tool link to display your Panopto content area where your recordings are shown.

    screen shot of recordings displayed

  3. Choose the lecture recording you want to add automated captions to and click on the Edit button. This will open the Panopto Editor for that recording in a new web browser tab.

    Screenshot of Panopto editor window

  4. Click on Captions on the left-hand side. From the Import Captions drop-down menu, choose Import automatic captions. There may be a delay of 1-8 hours before the captions appear on the recording, but please proceed with the steps below.

    Screenshot of Import captions with drop-down Import automatic captions displayed

  5. Click the Apply button on the right to allow Panopto to process your request. If your recording is new, it may take a few hours for the captions to appear. If your recording has existed for more than 24 hours, the captions will appear almost instantly.

    Screenshot of Apply button at top right of screen

  6. After clicking Apply, let Panopto finish uploading the new version of the recording with the captions.

  7. Review your captions for accuracy in the Panopto editor to ensure it meets your needs and is reflective of what your said in the recording.

  8. Editing the captions: To edit your captions, hover over a caption sentence in the Panopto editor and use the three vertical dots beside the sentence to click on the Edit or Delete button to make changes. We recommend that you make most of the changes in one go and then click the Apply button to the right to upload your changes.

    Screenshot of a caption sentence open with a drop-down menu with the options Edit and Delete open