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Panopto Rollover Guide

This guide describes how to roll over (copy) your Panopto videos from your 2022/23 Blackboard modules to the new 2023/24 modules.

You will need to check with your school office that you are timetabled to the 2023/24 modules in CMIS if they are not listed for you in Blackboard.

Separate guides are available for copying your Blackboard modules or Turnitin assignment.

Access PDF of Rollover Guide

Panopto rollover steps

  1. In the new 2023/24 Blackboard module, check if there is a Panopto folder in the left-hand menu. If not, add it via the plus button > Tool Link > Panopto Course Tool Application > give it a name e.g. Panopto Videos and choose whether or not it is available to users. Click into this link and add your module to Panopto. 

    This will create a new folder storage location for your Panopto videos for the 2023/24 module.

  2. In the Panopto folder of the old 2022/23 Blackboard module, click on the icon in the top right of the screen to access the corresponding Panopto folder directly on the Panopto website – the Copy option is only available on this site.

  3. Tick the videos you wish to copy and click Copy. Select the destination 2023/24 module and click Copy again to confirm.

    Please note: we do not recommend copying all video content – only those videos which will be used for the 2023/24 academic year. For example, if you are running a lecture again in 2023/24 you may not need to copy across last year's version of the lecture.

  4. Go back to the 2023/24 module in Blackboard and view the Panopto folder (you may need to refresh the page if it was already open) to verify that the videos are available now within the 2022/23 Blackboard module.

    You may wish to add a date restriction to any videos you do not want students to see currently. Click on Settings next to a video then under Overview scroll down to Availability.

  5. If you used the Panopto Video Embed option to insert/embed videos into a Blackboard folder (e.g. in an item for Week 1 alongside other materials) you will need to delete and recreate these so they point  to the videos in the 2023/24 folder rather than back to videos in the old 2022/23 module folder (which students in the new module won't have access to).