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Mailing lists - School and School Office Email Lists

School Office Email Lists

An alphabetical list of Schools and School Offices is shown below with the relevant list code to the right. To email a School Office email list, first note the list code for the appropriate School Office, given in the form Dnnnn-list, and then send your email to All College staff can send emails to these School Office lists.

For example, to email the staff in the School Office of the School of Histories and Humanities you would send your email to

School Email Lists

Broader School lists, of the form can be used by staff members of the relevant School Office or parent Faculty Office only. These School lists contain a full list of the members of the School Office list and all the Discipline lists belonging to that School.

For example, to email all staff in the School of Histories and Humanities, a member of that School's Office or parent Faculty Office would send an email to

List data last updated: 14-Mar-2023

School Description List Code
School of Biochemistry & Immunology S147-list
School Office - Biochemistry & Immunology D1470-list
School of Business S119-list
School Office - Business D1190-list
School of Chemistry S146-list
School Office - Chemistry D1460-list
School of Computer Science & Statistics S142-list
School Office - Computer Science & Statistics D1420-list
School of Dental Sciences S173-list
School Office - Dental Science D1730-list
School of Creative Arts S114-list
School Office - Creative Arts D1140-list
School of Education S122-list
School Office - Education D1220-list
School of Engineering S141-list
School Office - Engineering D1410-list
School of English S115-list
School Office - English D1150-list
School of Genetics & Microbiology S148-list
School Office - Genetics & Microbiology D1480-list
School of Histories & Humanities S111-list
School Office - Histories & Humanities D1110-list
School of Lang, Lit. & Cultural Studies S113-list
School Office - Language, Lit & Cult Stud D1130-list
School of Law S121-list
School Office - Law D1210-list
School of Linguistic Speech & Comm Sci S112-list
School Office - Linguistic, Speech & Comm. D1120-list
School of Mathematics S143-list
School Office - Mathematics D1430-list
School of Medicine S171-list
School Office - Medicine D1710-list
School of Natural Sciences S144-list
School Office - Natural Sciences D1440-list
School of Nursing & Midwifery S174-list
School Office - Nursing & Midwifery D1740-list
School of Pharmacy & Pharma. Sciences S175-list
School Office - Pharmacy & Pharmceut Sciences D1750-list
School of Physics S145-list
School Office - Physics D1450-list
School of Psychology S120-list
School Office - Psychology D1200-list
School of Religion, Theology, and Peace Studies S116-list
School Office - Religion Theology Peace Studies D1160-list
School of Social Sciences & Philosophy S117-list
School Office - Social Sciences & Philosophy D1170-list
School of Social Work & Social Policy S118-list
School Office - Social Work & Social Policy D1180-list

List data last updated: 14-Mar-2023