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Standup email stations

Standup email/web stations are computers located around College for use by students to quickly check their email and use the web. The computers are configured similarly to those in the IT Services Computer Rooms in that a College username and password are required to login, but they are different in that they do not have application software such as Microsoft 365 installed.

Standup stations are located on benches, close to large lecture theatres and their purpose is to let you check your email between lectures when you may not have time to go to a Computer Room. It is preferred that students do not use these computers for long periods to surf the web.

Note that you can also print from all the standup stations to the Datapac printing system.

Location Standup Computers
Arts Building, Upper Concourse 39
Arts Building, Lower Concourse 28
AAP, Lobby 6
Goldsmith Hall, Upper Floor 6
Goldsmith Hall, Lower Floor 2
East End Concourse 11
Hamilton Building, outside Library 20