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Mail forwarding using Microsoft 365

External forwarding of email puts sensitive information and data (patient, student, personal, research) at risk of being sent to unsecured systems outside of the University. Under GDPR, the University is obliged to protect any received personal data, which is not possible if email is being auto-forwarded. The Library and Information Policy Committee has approved this change in policy.

Any messages which are still set to be automatically forwarded to an external inbox (anything not ending in ‘’) will not be delivered to that external inbox. The email message that was sent to your will remain in your Trinity staff email inbox and a ‘non-delivery receipt message’ will be generated for every email that was intended to be automatically forwarded.   You will continue to have non-delivery receipt messages in your Trinity staff email inbox until you remove the automatic external forwarding from your staff email. 

This change does not affect the ability to manually forward individual messages using your staff email. 

See below for more information on how to remove forwarding from your email.

Remove forwarding

Remove automatic-forwarding

  1. Log onto your Microsoft 365 staff email account online at
  2. Once logged in, click on the Mail icon
  3. Click on the tool icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose View all Outlook settings (towards the bottom of the menu).
  4. Click on Email and then Forwarding (see below)

  5. Untick the Enable forwarding box. This will clear any email address that was there.
  6. Click Save at bottom of menu screen.

Check Inbox Rules for forwarding

Outlook Desktop Client

  1. Select your Inbox
  2. From Home ribbon, choose Rules
  3. Choose Manage Rules & Alerts
  4. Remove any rules set up to forward emails

Outlook Online

  1. Open your Mail Settings
  2. View all Outlook Settings
  3. Under Mail or email category, choose Rules
  4. Remove any rules set up to forward emails