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Website administrators

What is a website administrator

Each website under the domain, that is hosted on the 'on-premises' server, has a designated website administrator. An example of a website, under the domain, would be the 'biosciences' website at

Website administrators are responsible for overseeing and maintaining their listed website. Unless listed separately, all files or folders under the umbrella of the website URL, for example,, fall under the responsibility of the named website administrator.

List of website administrators

The list of website administrators is for internal Trinity use only. You must log in with a valid Trinity username and password to view the list.

The list is published to ensure that all members of staff are aware of who the designated website administrator for their website is.

This information should not be used for any other purpose and should not be copied or redistributed.

View list of website administrators

Changes to the list

Changes to the list of website administrators can only be requested, via, by one of the following:

  • The designated website administrator*
  • The departmental head
  • The school administrator
  • The school head

* Website administrators can not request their own replacement on the list.

Request for a webauthor account

A webauthor is a user that has been given permission to edit and publish content on a College website.

For a user to become a webauthor, a request must be submitted to IT Services via This request can only come from the website administrator, departmental head, school administrator or school head. Requests for a webauthor account from any other person will be denied.

For more information about the process to get a webauthor account, see the heading 'How do I get a webauthor account?' on the Webauthor Account - General information web page.