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Mailing lists - Discipline, Department and Office Email Lists

An alphabetical list of Disciplines, Departments, School Offices and Faculty Offices is shown below with the relevant list code to the right. To email any of these email lists, first note the relevant list code, given in the form Dnnnn-list, and then send your email to Any College staff member can send emails to these lists. Staff working in more than one area will be members of the email list for each area they work in.

The School Office and Faculty Office entries are listed at the end of the table below

List data last updated: 6-Jun-2014

Discipline/Department/Office Description List Code
Academic Officers D1806-list
Academic Registry D1860-list
Academic Secretariat D1820-list
Accommodation Office D2607-list
Anatomy D1711-list
Biochemistry D1471-list
Biology D1612-list
Botanic Gardens D1445-list
Botany D1441-list
Buildings Office D2204-list
Business & Administrative Studies D1191-list
C.L.C.S. D1121-list
Estates & Facilities Department D2300-list
Campus Infrastructure Projects D2350-list
Capitation Commitee D4004-list
Careers Advisory Service D1851-list
Catering D2500-list
Central Costs D9000-list
Centre for Deaf Studies DR05-list
Centre for European Studies DR04-list
Centre For Gender & Womens Studies D1113-list
Centre for Global Health unit DR49-list
Centre For Medical Gerontology D1715-list
Centre for Microscopy & Analysis D1611-list
Centre Telecoms. Value Chain Driven Res. D1593-list
Chemistry D1461-list
Civil, Struct & Env. Eng. D1411-list
Classics D1114-list
Cleaning & Household D2202-list
Clin Speech & Language Studies D1122-list
Clinical Medicine D1712-list
Clinical Microbiology D1723-list
College Day Nursery D1855-list
College Deans Office D4005-list
College Secretary D4307-list
Commercial Rooms - Campus D2602-list
Commercial Rooms - Trinity Hall D2603-list
Comparative Medicine D1610-list
Computer Science D1421-list
Counselling D1852-list
CRANN D1590-list
Dean of Research D1840-list
Dental Science D1731-list
Diagnostic Services D2407-list
Director of Communications & Marketing D4200-list
Director of Inter Student Affairs D1862-list
Disability D1854-list
Drama D1141-list
Economics D1172-list
Education D1221-list
Electronic & Elect. Engineering D1412-list
English D1151-list
Financial Services Division D3000-list
French D1132-list
Genetics D1481-list
Geography D1442-list
Geology D1443-list
German D1133-list
Graduate Studies (Misc. Activities) D1826-list
Graduate Studies Office - For Closure D1863-list
Grounds & Gardens D2203-list
Haematology D1722-list
Hispanic Studies D1136-list
Histopathology D1724-list
History D1112-list
History Of Art D1111-list
HR Directorate D2100-list
Human Resources D2101-list
I.I.I.S. D1291-list
Immunology D1721-list
IT Services D2707-list
Internal Audit D4301-list
International Office - For Closure D1861-list
Irish D1131-list
Irish School of Ecumenics D1161-list
Italian D1134-list
Laundrette D2608-list
Law D1211-list
Library D1830-list
Library Shop D2405-list
Light, Heat & Power D2301-list
Long Room Hub D1290-list
Loyola Institute D1163-list
Mechanical & Manuf. Eng D1413-list
Microbiology D1482-list
Molecular Medicine Ireland D1790-list
Music D1142-list
Near & Middle Eastern Studies D1137-list
Nursing D1741-list
Obstetrics D1713-list
Occupational Therapy D1726-list
Office of Chief Operating Officer D2000-list
Paediatrics D1714-list
Pharmacology & Therapeutics D1716-list
Pharmacy D1751-list
Philosophy D1171-list
Physics D1451-list
Physiology D1717-list
Physiotherapy D1725-list
Political Science D1173-list
Postal Charges D2201-list
Prizes, Entrance Exhibitions, etc D1864-list
Procurement & Contracts D3001-list
Provost's Academic Fund D4001-list
Provost's Office D4000-list
Psychiatry D1718-list
Psychology D1201-list
Public Health & Primary Care D1719-list
Pure & Applied Mathematics D1431-list
Radiation Therapy D1727-list
Religions and Theology D1162-list
Research & HPC Centre D2706-list
Residential Redevelopment D2606-list
Residential Rooms - Campus D2604-list
Residential Rooms - Trinity Hall D2605-list
Royalty Account D4002-list
Russian D1135-list
Science Gallery D4201-list
Secretary's Office D4302-list
Security & Mail Services D2200-list
Senior Tutor D4003-list
Social Studies D1181-list
Sociology D1174-list
Sport & Recreation D1856-list
Statistics D1422-list
Student Health D1853-list
Surgery D1720-list
TCD Global D4104-list
TR Administration D1841-list
Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute D1900-list
Trinity Institute of Neurosciences(TCIN) D1591-list
Trinity Tech. & Enterprise Campus (TTEC) D2303-list
Unified Communications D2207-list
Zoology D1444-list
Faculty Office - FAHS D1100-list
Faculty Office - FEMS D1400-list
Faculty Office - FHS D1700-list
School Office - Biochemistry & Immunology D1470-list
School Office - Business D1190-list
School Office - Chemistry D1460-list
School Office - Computer Science & Statistics D1420-list
School Office - Dental Science D1730-list
School Office - Drama,Film & Music D1140-list
School Office - Education D1220-list
School Office - Engineering D1410-list
School Office - English D1150-list
School Office - Genetics & Microbiology D1480-list
School Office - Histories & Humanities D1110-list
School Office - Language, Lit & Cult Stud D1130-list
School Office - Law D1210-list
School Office - Linguistic, Speech & Comm. D1120-list
School Office - Mathematics D1430-list
School Office - Medicine D1710-list
School Office - Natural Sciences D1440-list
School Office - Nursing & Midwifery D1740-list
School Office - Pharmacy & Pharmceut Sciences D1750-list
School Office - Physics D1450-list
School Office - Psychology D1200-list
School Office - Religions Theology Ecumen D1160-list
School Office - Social Sciences & Philosophy D1170-list
School Office - Social Work & Social Policy D1180-list

List data last updated: 6-Jun-2014