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Guides for using Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a self-service product and is not supported directly by the IT Service Desk.

Below we have complied some useful links for using the product.

LinkedIn Learning Resources

Microsoft Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Microsoft Bookings

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the Bookings icon which is available for all Trinity staff within the list of Microsoft Apps.

How to set up, customise and publish your booking page

Information on how to set up, customise and publish your booking page is available on Microsoft's website.

Please see below some key Microsoft terms to be aware of when setting up your page:

  • Business: The title you want users to see when they are making a booking/reservation
  • Staff: The person(s) / shared mailbox* associated with the ‘Service’ users are booking/reserving
  • Service: The item being booked or reserved (e.g. individual meeting, lectures, events, spaces, equipment, etc.)
  • Guest: A staff member who only gets notifications about services they are booked to deliver. They can not view any additional information.
  • Viewer: A staff member who can see all of their bookings but they have no additional management rights.
  • Administrator: A staff member who has complete management and admin control of the ‘Business’ bookings setup.

*You can use a shared mailbox linked to a staff member to manage bookings related to a service. Any associated booking information for that service will be sent to the shared mailbox.

How to share your booking page with internal and external members

Once you have created and published your booking page, you can share the link to the page (e.g. on a website) so that people can make a booking/reservation for your service.

You can also manage who can make a reservation for the 'Business' you create when you set up your Booking page. If you only want Trinity students and staff to access your page, then you need to tick the option "Require a Microsoft 365 account from my organisation to book". However, if you want to make your booking page accessible to external members, then you should leave this option unticked.

How to manage notifications and booking confirmations

By default, everyone making a reservation on your booking page will receive a confirmation email.

In addition to the confirmation email, you can also set up your service so that attendees receive a calendar appointment after making a booking. This can be enabled by ticking the option "Send a meeting invite to the customer" under the Email notifications section on the Service page.

If appropriate, you can also configure Bookings to send attendees a reminder about their upcoming appointment by ticking the option "Reminders and Confirmations" on the Service page.

How to create different appointment / service types

You can create different appointment / service types with Microsoft Bookings. Detailed instructions on how to define your service offerings in Bookings are available on Microsoft's website.

You can also add custom mandatory or voluntary questions to the service booking page. Please see Microsoft's website for instructions.

Please note that you can enable and disable services at any time.

How to create a staff list

You can use Microsoft Bookings to create and manage staff schedules.

The Staff page in Microsoft Bookings is where you create and add staff members to your staff list and manage details such as name, phone number, email, level of access and custom working hours.

On the Staff page, you can also choose whether the staff member should receive an email when a booking is assigned to them and whether events on the calendar should affect their availability.

Once you have saved the staff details, the staff member will receive an email with information on their hours of availability and that they can now be booked.

Instructions on how to create your staff list are available on Microsoft's website.

Do students and guests require a license to make or request appointments?

Students and guests do not require a license when making or requesting an appointment using Bookings.