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Copying Collaborate recordings to a Panopto folder in Blackboard

This guide will describe how to copy a Blackboard Collaborate recording to the Panopto folder within a Blackboard module.

  1. Log into Blackboard and go to the Blackboard module where you have your Collaborate recording. Click on the Collaborate link in the content area of the module.

    Screenshot of Collaborate content area

  2. Click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the 'Sessions' bar.

    Screenshot of menu icon

  3. Choose 'Recordings' from the drop-down menu to display the Collaborate recordings you have in your module.

    To see recordings that are older than 30 days, change the 'Filter by:' field from 'Recent recordings' to 'Recordings in a range'.

  4. Click on 'Recording Options' (three horizontal dots) and choose 'Download' from the drop-down menu.

    Screenshot of recordings options icon and download option from drop-down menu

  5. Go to the relevant module where you have the Panopto recordings link setup and click on 'Lecture Recordings'.

  6. Click on 'Create' and choose 'Upload media' from the drop-down list.

    Screenshot of Create button and drop-down menu with Upload media option.
    Screenshot of area that opens where you can add files when the upload media option was clicked.

  7. Drag the .mp4 file of your Collaborate recording you downloaded in step 4 from your computer's Downloads folder to the 'Drag video or audio files here' area. This will upload the recording to the Panopto folder of your Blackboard module, which may take a few minutes.

    Screenshot of a recording that has been uploaded successfully

  8. Once the upload is complete, you can play or edit your Collaborate recording within Panopto in Blackboard.

    Screenshot of the Panopto folder in Blackboard where you can edit your recording