Trinity Wi-Fi coverage information

Staff, students and visitors should be able to access the various Wi-Fi services across Trinity, irrespective of location.

There are only a very small number of specific exceptions such as the Old Library on campus and some off-campus buildings that don't already have wired network connectivity, such as the Boat House in Islandbridge and St Pat's Hospital.

Reporting Wi-Fi coverage or connectivity issues

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Trinity then please report this to the IT Service Desk, outlining the device you are using, the building and floor where you are experiencing problems, if the issue is intermittent or consistent, and any other relevant details regarding the issue you are experiencing.

Wi-Fi Heatmaps

If you would like to see an 'as-built' Wi-Fi coverage heat map of a specific area in Trinity then please request this by contacting the IT Service Desk and stating which building and floor you would like to see the Wi-Fi coverage heat map for.  Please note that the Wi-Fi coverage information in these heat maps is a snapshot of the coverage available following the initial installation of the current Wi-Fi access points. Improvement works may have taken place since then, or changes to the local environment, which have altered the Wi-Fi coverage in that area.