IT Services Users Group

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Do you want to influence IT Services' Policy? 

The IT Services User Group represents the users of IT in Trinity.

The Group reports to the Library and Information Policy Committee. Its membership has cross-Trinity representation and it provides a forum for feedback on the provision of IT services to the University.

Its responsibilities include reviewing and planning on:

  • Information technology policies and strategies
  • Plans for development of information services
  • Overall quality of information services delivered by IT Services for Trinity


Terms of Reference

The IT Services Users Group reports to the Library and Information Policy Committee. Subject to overall guidelines laid down by Library and Information Policy Committee, the IT Services Users Group will:

  1. Consider relevant issues relating to the provision of IT services to Trinity as they affect the user community and provide a forum for feedback
  2. Keep IT services under review and advise and comments on IT policies and strategies
  3. Review, advise and comment on plans for development of IT services for Trinity
  4. Review, advise and comment on overall quality of IT services delivered for Trinity by the IT Services department
  5. Receive reports on significant developments and events in IT Services


How to contact the Group

Check out the list of members below and contact your most appropriate representative. If you want to know more about the group, including what type of query your representative can raise and how queries are managed, take a look at our information flow document.


Group Membership 2023/2024

Dr Denis Barry, Anatomy (Chair)
Lisa Quinn, IT Services (User Group Secretary)

Faculty of AHSS
Dr. Maria Grazia, School of Law
Pat Carty, School of Histories & Humanities

Faculty of EMS
Dr. Katie O'Connor, Faculty Office
Dr. Jonathan Dukes, School of Computer Science

Faculty of HS
Dr. Michelle Leech, School of Medicine
Dr. Cicely Roche, School of Pharmacy

Student Representatives
László Molnárfi , Student Union President

Service Areas
Lucy Redmond, Financial Services Division
Charles Montague, Library
Pauline Rooney, Academic Practice
Dr Simon Carroll, School of Engineering (IT Technical Staff representative)
James Harty, (IT Services staff representative)
Colin McCabe, (IT Services Teaching and Learning IT representative)
Vacancy, Corporate Services Division


Meeting Dates 2023/2024

Wednesday 21st February 2024

Agendas and Minutes

**Minutes from the meetings will be forwarded to the Library and Information Policy Committee