The Panopto lecture capture service allows you to record, edit, share and stream video, audio, PowerPoint and screen capture content for audiences such as your staff colleagues, your students, and other third parties or the public.

It manages your recordings for you using a cloud based content management storage system. You can also record from within Blackboard ( and post directly to your module.


Who can use this service

  • Trinity staff who are already setup as instructors on modules in Blackboard and who wish to make a recording available for their module(s).
  • Trinity staff who will not be using Blackboard but who wish to record, edit and share a screen-capture or video recording.
  • Where recordings are required for non-Trinity events the event will need to have a sponsor from Trinity who takes responsibility to record and distribute the recording.
  • Trinity students can the Panopto Video Assignment service within Blackboard to submit a video assignment that a lecturer sets up as an assessment.


  • If recording using the available PC or Mac in a Senior Lecturer theatre (IT Services managed theatres only) then all required hardware and software is already installed - just follow the recording steps linked to below. Please note that Panopto does not provide a recording software client for Google Chromebook devices, so this means staff can't record lecture content using a Chromebook device, but students can watch Panopto generated recordings using their Chromebook’s web browser feature.
  • If recording using your own laptop or desktop then you will need to first install the Panopto software. You will also need a mic (often built-in on laptops) and you will need a webcam if you wish to record video other than standard screen-capture.
  • Please note: Panopto does not have an application to install for computers using Linux as the operating system.  However, the Panopto Capture Web Browser Recorder may work when recording within a web browser. 

Getting started

Installing and Using Panopto - PC User Guide

This video will show you how to download and use the Panopto application tool on a PC.

Installing and Using Panopto - Mac User Guide

This video will show you how to download and use the Panopto application tool on a Mac.

Panopto how-to video guides

Learn about the Panopto video editor by viewing the Panopto how-to video guides.

Panopto Video Assignments feature

Staff module instructors can use the Panopto Video Assignments feature, from within Blackboard, to allow students to record, upload and submit video assignments.

For further details see Video Assignments in Blackboard.

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