Trinity IT Services Status

The service status are updated within office hours 09:00 - 17:00, Monday - Friday.

For more details about works affecting our services, check out our Service Alerts webpage.


Table legend:

  • Status Green = Service OK
  • Status Amber = Intermittent issue or partial service
  • Status Red = Service unavailable
Service Name Status Indicator
Staff network (Wired and Wi-Fi) Status Green
Student Wi-Fi Status Green
College Websites ( Status Green
TCD Web systems (, Asset Register, Research Support System, Data Warehouse) Status Green
Printing / Copying (Datapac services) Status Green

Status of Individual Servers

Edugate IdP FederationCurrent status: up
winLDAP connectorCurrent status: paused
WWW TCDCurrent status: up
News EventsCurrent status: up
SITSCurrent status: up
BlackboardCurrent status: up
DNS 3Current status: up
Office 365 PortalCurrent status: up
Accommodation BookingCurrent status: up
SEATSCurrent status: up
DNS 1Current status: up
BomgarCurrent status: up
Remote VPN ConnectCurrent status: up
Library StellaCurrent status: up
Digital CollectionsCurrent status: paused
DNS 2Current status: up
My Trinity AppsCurrent status: up
People FinderCurrent status: up
Mobile DeviceCurrent status: up
ServiceDesk TicketingCurrent status: up
RSS WeblogicCurrent status: up
Internal WWWCurrent status: up
linkedIn LILCurrent status: up
Vevox PollsCurrent status: up
RSS (Test)Current status: up
TCDLIFECurrent status: paused
1641.tcd.ieCurrent status: paused
1641.tcd.ieCurrent status: up