About IT Services

This includes the University's network systems, web infrastructure, email and calendaring, management services, research IT, and student computing facilities. IT Services also provides support for teaching and learning in a number of lecture theatres and seminar rooms on and off campus.

Staff and students are provided with full IT support via the IT Service Desk and a wide range of IT training is also available either online or face-to-face. The department also runs a Projects Office to help manage IT service change and delivery initiatives. The department supports 25,000 staff and students on the main campus and in 25 remote sites including two large hospital medical centres at St. James's and Tallaght and supports nearly 2,000 wireless access points and 20,000 fixed wired network points.

We aim to deliver excellent customer service and as part of the University's Quality Customer Service Charter we maintain the following:




In Academic Year 2019/2020 IT Services is celebrating 50 years of service at Trinity since the founding of the Computer Laboratory in 1969. To mark this event, we have taken a look back at where it all began and created a timeline of the 50-year history of computing services at Trinity.




We aspire to provide excellent IT services to the University to serve the realisation of student potential and scholarship that benefits Ireland and the world.




To provide an IT Service that is agile and creative, with robust technology that supports the University’s core mission of excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Research.



Core Values

Our Core Values are at the heart of all we do:

  • University Experience - we are committed to adding to the overall University experience of staff and students.
  • Customer First - understanding our customers and their differing needs. Deliver our services in a way that exceeds their expectations.
  • One IT - working with colleagues across IT towards common goals in a collaborative environment.
  • Enabling Others - enabling colleagues across the University. Working in partnership with them to ensure they can guarantee delivery of their services.
  • Environment - understanding our role and responsibility to promote sustainable development in all our activities.




Strengthen Community and Promote Student Life

We will deliver our services with consideration of the community, informing and involving them in our decision-making processes. We will provide services that reflect the range of needs across the University, focusing on early adoption and universally accessible leading-edge tools.

Demonstrate Institutional Leadership

We will be proactive and innovative in bringing new information technology solutions to the University and driving the evolution of existing services in line with international standards of quality and excellence.

Research for Impact

We will develop a collaborative IT environment enabling us to meet the dynamic needs of new research priorities.

Activate Talents

We will help enable strategic change within the University by working with our staff and students to develop digital capabilities for the modern world.