Getting your Computer Account and Email

Get set up with your computer account and email so that you have access to all the Trinity services you need for your course.

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To access your computer account and email you need to complete the following actions: 

  1. Activate your computer account via
  2. Complete the computer account set up via Microsoft 365 
  3. Log into your student email (MyZone)



1. Activate your computer account via

After you have completed online registration, you need to activate your computer account in

Activating your account will give you access to your computer account username, initial network login password, and Trinity MyZone email address; the vital keys to many essential services in Trinity.

It is important that you set up your Trinity computer account as soon as you have received the Intray message so that you can access the services you will need for your studies.

For information on how to complete online registration in, please visit Academic Registry’s website.

Steps to 'Activate your Computer Account' via



2. Complete the computer account set up via Microsoft 365

To complete the set-up of your computer account, you will need your Trinity MyZone Email Address and Initial Network Login Password, listed at the start of your Intray message (check During the setup, you will enable two step sign-in* for your account and change your initial password**.

Your options are to verify your account via the Microsoft Authenticator app (using your phone only OR using your phone and computer) or by SMS text message to your phone.

Steps for 'completing your computer account set up' via Microsoft 365

*Two-step sign-in is required for all students who wish to access services such as Microsoft 365, MyZone, and Blackboard when not on the campus network.

**Your password must be at least 8 characters, contain both upper and lowercase characters, have at least one number or special character (but not £ € : ? | space), and not be part of your first name, last name, or username. 



3. Log into your student email (MyZone)

As a student at Trinity, you will receive a Trinity email address, called MyZone.

Your Trinity MyZone Email Address will be listed in the Intray message you received in after you activated your computer account.

While studying, you will receive all official Trinity communications at your Trinity email address, so you are expected to check it regularly.

MyZone also offers online storage space (Google Drive) and includes other features such as a calendar, contacts, and much more.

More information about MyZone Student email

Logging into your email for the first time

To access your Trinity email account for the first time, you need to have completed the actions above, including:

  1. Activate your computer account via
  2. Complete the computer account set up via Microsoft 365

When you have completed these actions, you can log into your email at

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