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We offer a range of IT resources and training to support your development in your role at Trinity. The following information will help you get started with all of the IT training that is available to you.

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This page will give you an overview of the following items:



IT skills development and training

IT Services provides free training resources for:

  • Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Dreamweaver for Trinity Web Authors
  • Creative media software such as Photoshop 

Our courses are designed for first time users as well as those who are looking to brush up on their skills. A complete list of available courses can be found on our Learn IT with Trinity IT Services training hub.

IT Skills Development and Training

Microsoft specific applications

IT Services host essential training sessions for Microsoft 365 applications.

Microsoft 365 Training Sessions



Technology-Enhanced Learning Webinar Series (TEL)

These webinars focus on providing academics with pedagogically sound guidance on the use of technology in their teaching practice. You can attend any webinar, without registering, and sessions will be recorded and are available through the TEL webpage.





IT Training for Researchers

Research IT run training in computing languages and scripting, and monthly walk-in workshops.




Data Protection training and IT Security Awareness

Data Protection training

The Data Protection training will take approximately 45 minutes and includes a short assessment that staff must pass in order to successfully complete the training. The training is available via Blackboard.

Data Protection training is mandatory for all staff.

Enrol for Data Protection training



LinkedIn Learning

Your Trinity computer account username and password also gives you access to thousands of hours of online training content through Linked In Learning.


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