Celebrating 50 years of IT Services

In the Academic Year 2019/2020 IT Services celebrated 50 years of service at Trinity since the founding of the Computer Laboratory in 1969. To mark this event, we took a look back at where it all began and created a timeline of the 50-year history of computing services at Trinity.

As 2020 was a year of such unprecedented change for us all it was somewhat re-assuring for us to look back at what has changed over the last 50 years, to acknowledge what is still changing and also see what hasn’t changed. Undoubtedly more change will come in the future but what is certain is that since the Covid-19 pandemic moved us so immediately into remote working and learning in March 2020, we can more tangibly than ever understand how the last 50 years of development and change has unlocked the potential value of IT for everyone.

Celebrating 50 years of IT Services

A message from our previous directors

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Time capsule

We are putting together a time capsule to be opened again in 25 years’ time in July 2045, when we hope to celebrate 75 years of IT Services at Trinity. The time capsule contents are intended to help the future generation of IT Services staff as they try to understand the world and work of IT Services from the year 2020. We are selecting a number of items, including a recent Trinity newspaper, IT Services annual report, and photographs to be put in the time capsule.