Apple iOS and iPadOS Support Statement

This page gives information on the versions of the Apple iOS and iPadOS operating systems supported by IT Services for use on the Trinity data network. This service is for staff and students.

iOS and iPad graphics on blue banner

Supported versions of iOS/iPadOS

Apple provides security updates for the versions of iOS and iPadOS listed below. Apple no longer provides security updates for any other versions. To help ensure the security of College systems and your data, IT Services will only provide support for the same versions.

Although it may be possible to connect to our network and access certain apps and services from devices running older, unsupported versions, this is not recommended by IT Services.

All devices running iOS/iPadOS 13 or 14 can upgrade to iOS/iPadOS 15. Devices running earlier versions should be considered insecure and may encounter technical issues using certain third-party services and apps such as Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

Supported versions

  • iOS/iPadOS 17
  • iOS/iPadOS 16
  • iOS/iPadOS 15



Jailbroken devices and sideloading apps

IT Services cannot provide support for any devices that have been jailbroken.

Also, we cannot provide support for apps that have been 'Sideloaded'. Sideloading is the process of downloading and installing apps from an unofficial source; for example from outside the official Apple App Store.



Third-party app support on iOS/iPadOS

Certain third-party app providers will only support the use of their apps on the versions of iOS/iPadOS supported by Apple. For example, Microsoft will only support the use of the Teams and Outlook apps on the versions of iOS supported by Apple and will not guarantee the security or operation of these apps on unsupported versions of iOS/iPadOS.