IT Services Customer Service Charter

We aim to deliver excellent customer services. The customer charter tells you, as our customers, what standard of service you should expect when dealing with IT Services. It defines a high and consistent standard of customer care that we will strive to achieve.

IT Services at a glance

  • Central IT service provider for the University
  • Managing a complex IT environment
  • Leadership and management of information and communication technologies
  • Consultation and collaboration with the Trinity community
  • Supporting the University’s mission and strategic goals
  • 25,000 users across the main campus and 18 off campus locations
  • Dedicated IT Service Desk

Get in touch

See the IT Services contact details and location information on our Contact Us page.

Our Services

IT Services is responsible for the management and support of the University’s main computing facilities. You can find details about individual services via the Our Services page.

What you can expect from IT Services

We are committed to providing responsive, timely, effective and consistent services to you.

We will be What this means
Customer focused Excellent customer experience
Fair and respectful treatment
Friendly and professional service
Answering queries promptly
Easy to use services
Good Communicators Jargon free communications
Accurate and up to date information
Open and transparent service management
Listening to and valuing your feedback
Innovators Seek out new technology and opportunities
Think creatively about providing solutions
Embrace change
Flexible and agile service delivery

What we ask in return

Expect the best from us

  • Let us know if our services do not reach the standards that you expect
  • Tell us what you think, we welcome your comments and feedback (see below)

Help us help you

  • Provide us with clear information about your service request or problem
  • Be patient and understand that sometimes serious incidents need to take priority
  • Be respectful in your interactions with our staff and be mindful of the rights of fellow students and staff when using our services
  • Use our services in accordance with terms of use, licensing agreements and the IT Usage Policy


Your feedback is invaluable in assisting us to constantly improve our services and we welcome all your comments, general complaints, compliments and suggestions about the services we provide.


These help us understand your needs and our performance. We circulate a regular satisfaction survey which is emailed to all staff and students.

Service Desk Feedback Form

Whether you had a great experience in your contact with the IT Service Desk or felt that we could have done things better we would like to hear from you. Simply fill in and submit our survey online.


If, for any reason, our services have not met your expectations we have a formal complaints procedure.

Other comments or feedback

Please email our IT Service Desk with any other comments or feedback -