Secure data disposal and hard-drive destruction

When you are disposing of old IT equipment, if any device contains sensitive or confidential Trinity data, and/or personal data of any sort which is covered by GDPR, then you must have that data securely destroyed or sanitised before the device is disposed of.

Secure data disposal and hard-drive destruction

IT Services has researched the market and, working with IT support staff in Trinity, has determined that Vyta and its sister company DiskShred meet a broad range of criteria to ensure secure, certified data disposal.

Vyta offers the most accredited IT asset disposal service in Ireland and is committed to compliance, security, and sustainability. Vyta provides a cost-effective solution by re-marketing equipment suitable for repurposing, rather than recycling it. This provides revenue back to the University.

The Vyta data Disposal service:

  • Adheres to industry standards
  • Ensures that all sensitive data is destroyed or sanitised
  • Includes a full audit trail with itemised reporting from start to finish
  • Keeps a record of all items shredded/erased and where they originated from, ensuring traceability for our own internal auditing



Vyta data disposal service details

To ensure a streamlined and cost-efficient service IT Services will arrange for Vyta to come on campus once per quarter to collect old IT equipment and carry out on-site destruction of hard drives and other digital media.

Please note:

  • Old computers which are collected by Vyta are securely transported and stored for repurposing, with all Trinity data fully and securely sanitised.
  • Loose hard drives that have been removed from devices will be shredded on-site by Vyta's purpose-built DiskShred lorry.
  • Departments who require hard drive removal and shredding either on or off-site must include this information when detailing their requirements.
  • Payment must be provided by each department or area for the media requested to be destroyed for them.



To get started:

  1. Email the IT Service Desk with your data disposal requirements.
  2. A specialist will contact you with details of Vyta's next visit and to discuss your requirements.

Should you have any other queries in relation to the Vyta service, please contact: