Maintaining Trinity Websites using Adobe Dreamweaver

This training is designed specifically for Trinity College Dublin webauthors who maintain content on their website using Dreamweaver.

This training takes place via Microsoft Teams. The training is broken up into two morning sessions over two consecutive days.

The training will cover the following:

  • The Web Server and Webauthors.
  • How to connect, upload, download and delete files and folders from the Web Server.
  • How files and folders correspond to URLs.
  • Good housekeeping rules around file and folder management.
  • Basics of HTML and how Dreamweaver creates HTML for you.
  • Adding links and images via Dreamweaver.
  • Best practices around writing content.
  • The Trinity Theme 2015 and its functionality.

Important information about webauthor accounts

  • Attendees of this course should have an existing webauthor account
  • A webauthor account is different to your normal network account. See Webauthor Account - General information for more details.
  • Please make sure you know your webauthor password before attending the training

Upcoming Dates

  • 18th and 19th October 2023

* Training takes place from 09:30 - 13:00 on two consecutive days. You are required to attend both days.

Due to the nature of the booking system, it will appear as two full days when booking - however in reality it is two half days.

To book your spot, select the opening date of the desired dates using the below booking page.

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The Web CMS Project

Please be aware that the Web CMS (Content Management System) Project will be replacing the existing method of maintaining websites via Adobe Dreamweaver.

Before signing up for this training, please check with your line manager to see if your website is migrating to the new CMS system soon.

If so, it may not be beneficial for you to attend this training.

More information about the Web CMS Project