One-hour training sessions

The Microsoft Word, one-hour training sessions are designed to give you an insight into lesser-known features of Word. These features can help you improve your productivity when it comes to using the software.

There are three different sessions available as part of the training. Each session focuses on a particular learning topic.

Sessions overview

Topics covered:

  • Modifying styles
  • Margins for a bound document
  • Pasting and formatting buttons
  • Show/hide formatting marks
  • Showing the 'ruler'
  • Using tab stops correctly
  • Adding a 'hanging indent'

Topics covered:

  • Adding headings
  • The 'Navigation Pane'
  • Adding a 'Table of Contents'
  • Creating spacing with 'Page Breaks'
  • Controlling orientation with 'Section Breaks'
  • Numbering your headings
  • Adding a 'Header' with 'Page Number'
  • Make a cover page with no header

Topics covered:

  • Sharing options
  • Multiple editors
  • Adding comments
  • Tracking changes
  • Version control
  • Hiding markup
  • Stop tracking and delete comments
  • Restrict editing

Each session will give you a demonstration of how to use certain features in Word.

At the end of the demonstration, there will be a chance for a questions and answers session to recover any of the items discussed.

The sessions are hosted via Microsoft Teams.

Upcoming dates and times

The next training dates will be posted in the coming weeks.