Teams is a collaboration app available through Microsoft 365.

It allows groups of people to:

  • voice/video conference
  • chat
  • collaborate on documents
  • broadcast video and meeting content to large online audiences

Teams can be installed on your computer/mobile device or can be used online through a web browser.

Expiry of Microsoft Teams chat messages

In 2023, IT Services will enable a Microsoft Teams setting that will automatically delete Teams chat messages older than 90 days.

This means that all your messages in one-to-one chats, group chats, and meeting chats which are older than 90 days will be automatically deleted from the date this setting is enabled. The upcoming expiry setting will only affect Teams chats so messages posted on channels will not be affected.

The change will be implemented in four phases: 

  • Phase 1: All Teams chat messages posted before 2021 will be deleted on 3rd August 2023.  
  • Phase 2: All Teams chat messages posted in 2021 will be deleted on 14th September 2023. 
  • Phase 3: All Teams chat messages posted in 2022 will be deleted on 26th October 2023. 
  • Phase 4: All remaining messages older than 90 days will be deleted on 7th December 2023. On this date, IT Services will also enable the setting that automatically expires messages as they become older than 90 days.  

Getting started

Teams is accessible via all web browsers (except Safari), as well as a desktop and/or mobile application.

Login to Teams

To access Microsoft Teams:

  • Log into
  • Type 'Teams' into the search bar in the top of the page
  • Select the 'Teams' app

Login to Teams


Using the Teams desktop app

Creating a Team

Only Trinity staff can create a Team.

Microsoft Teams - Create Team Guide

Microsoft Teams Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)

Check out the Microsoft Teams Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning.

Microsoft Teams Essential Training


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