Current Projects

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  • Current Phase: Execution Phase
  • Project End Date: 31/12/2025

Trinity has an ambitious program to enhance the engagement and enablement of all of the college community through a progressive digitalization of university services and the enhancement of core university systems. The Digital Trinity Infrastructure (DTI) Programme is a multi-million Euro enabling programme within Digital Trinity. DTI consists of four projects:

  • DTI2: Future Hosting: Redesign of the College’s on-premises hosting infrastructure including compute, storage, network, backup, and disaster recovery services to include Azure cloud services.
  • DTI3: NextGen Network: Replacement of the active wire data network in Trinity (border, core, distribution). Redesign of network and implementation of additional security features to mitigate the risk of cyberattack.
  • NextGen Wi-Fi: Planning (only) for a Wi-Fi replacement to provide ubiquitous Wi-Fi 6E services across the entire university estate.
  • DTI4: Phase 1: Identity Management: In place upgrade of the College’s central identity management service. Design of a new future-proofed identity service to integrate with Azure Identity management services.
  • DTI5 Replacement (upgrade) Network Admission Control (NAC) system for students. An alternative solution to NAC will be considered as part of the NGN redesign work.

  • Current Phase: Execution Phase
  • Project End Date: 30/03/2023

The Trinity website is the university's main communications and marketing platform, promoting Trinity to a global audience. The objective of the Web Transformation Project is to eliminate risk to the website and deliver a robust, scalable, and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for the university. This in turn will improve and enhance the Trinity website with regard to security and compliance. It will ensure brand consistency through the use of consistent web templates and provide all college web authors with quick and easy publishing. It will also enable website functionality such as data capture, repurposing content, and personalisation which is vital in supporting Trinity's key objectives for student recruitment, research, and rankings.

  • Current Phase: Execution Phase
  • Project End Date: 31/03/2024

The builds for Phases 1 and 2 are progressing with expected go-live in Q1 2024. These phases encompass delivery of an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) platform for the University, and implementation of a new data hub and reporting architecture to support this and subsequent phases of the project. Both phases of the project are targeting a minimum viable product (MVP) launch in January 2024. There will be further releases through to the end of Q1 2024. The initial launch will be for Global Engagement and Trinity Business School, and will provide an integration from SITS through the data hub to Dynamics 365. Phases 3 and 4 are out of scope at this time.

  • Current Phase: Initiation Phase
  • Project End Date: 31/06/2025

The Library are replacing their current Library Management System. It underpins core Library functions such as acquisition, cataloguing, discovery, circulation of print, access to digital, and analytics. It also facilitates the evolution of these operations and services. IT Services are working with the Library to assist in the planning, procurement, and implementation of a new cloud based Library Management system. IT Services will also work with the Vendor to integrate the new solution into the TCD environment.

  • Current Phase: Implementation
  • Project End Date: 01/09/2023

The project is to upgrade the infrastructure and security of Trinity's Student Administration System (SITS).  

  • Phase 1: the migration of the SITS infrastructure to supported platforms – completed in August 2020.
  • Phase 2: the analysis and implementation to improve the resilience and performance of the entire infrastructure. Three deliverables were identified:
    • Implementation of new chassis.
    • Implementation of Fabric Interconnects.
    • Implementation of an East-West security solution.
  • A roadmap has been developed for the coordination of the phase 2 activities.

  • Current Phase: Implementation Phase
  • Project End Date: Q1 2024

The Risk Office and the Secretary's Office sought to procure a Cloud Governance, Enterprise Risk Management and Assurance Compliance system. IT Services worked with the Risk Office and the Secretary's office to plan, procure and implement this new system. The main benefits include a comprehensive, and easy to use system to allow users to create, update and manage risks effectively, workflow functionality to assign risks, actions and approvals, risk reporting and dashboards with real time information on risks for senior managers. The system also includes a meeting module used by the Secretary's office for organising, managing and delivering meetings for Board, Council and other key governing and management committees. 

  • Current Phase: Implementation Phase
  • Project End Date: Q1 2024

The College Project Management Office required an upgrade to its current Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (EPPM) system. IT Services are working with the PMO to assist in the planning, procurement, and implementation of the new system. The new system will go-live in March.

  • Current Phase: Execution Phase
  • Project End Date: 31/03/2024

IT Services are assisting Trinity’s Financial Services division as they procure a solution to replace the current OCR scanning and E-Invoicing solutions. The IT Teams are assisting with the IT Technical and IT Security considerations and the work required to integrate the new solution into the TCD environment.

  • Project End Date: 31/03/2024

The Trinity College Dublin Historic Accommodation Buildings Project proposed to refurbish the Rubrics Building and the Chief Steward's House, for residential and support uses. Part of the enabling works involved the termination of the Telephone Exchange in the Rubrics Building and a rerouting of the telephone lines to the Communications room in Aras an Phiarsaigh. These enabling works required the installation of switches, and UPSs in 14 communications rooms in the front square and the installation of 350 new IP phones. This was completed in Q4 2023.

IT Services are currently working with Estates and Facilities in the design, specification and installation of the ICT equipment required for the various new Building projects.

Current Capital building projects include:

  • E3 programme of works including the Martin Naughton E3 Learning Foundry Learning Foundry and ramp up and enabling projects
  • Old Library Redevelopment programme of works including the Old Library Redevelopment and multiple enabling projects; Ussher Library Interim Reading Room and under separate governance arrangements the Interim Exhibition and Printing House
  • Trinity East Portal
  • Trinity East (TTEC)
  • A portfolio of Medium and small capital works projects

  • Current Phase: Initiation Phase
  • Project End Date: Q3 2023

The Wellcome HRB Clinical Research Facility wishes to procure a Quality Management System for its unit in St James Hospital. IT Services are assisting them with the IT Technical and IT Security considerations as they go out to the market and with any required IT Services integration work.