TCDpolls, powered by Vevox, allows staff and students to have real-time engagement during their lectures or webinars, via the following features:

  • Polls
  • Short class surveys
  • Questions and Answers sessions

Getting Started

When using TCDpolls, you will either be creating content (such as a poll) or else be asked to participate in a poll created via the service.

Creating content

Staff members by default have access to TCDpolls to create content.

Staff members can also sponsor teaching assistants to allow them to use TCDpolls to create content.

Content can be created either via the web dashboard or via the PowerPoint Add-in.

User who are creating content should familiarise themselves with the Terms of Use of the service.

Staff can sign into the TCDpolls web dashboard via


Steps to log in

  • Browse to
  • Click on 'Login with SSO'
    • If already logged into Microsoft 365, you will be brought straight to the TCDpolls web dashboard
    • If not logged in to Microsoft 365, enter your Trinity email address (in the form and password to continue

Staff can install the TCDpolls’ (Vevox) add-in to their desktop version of Microsoft PowerPoint. The add-in does not work with the web app version of PowerPoint.

This add-in allows you to create poll slides within your PowerPoint presentation.

Installing the add-in

Participating in sessions

Once the organiser shares the session ID (a nine-digit code), participants can join the session via the website or via the Vevox mobile app.

For more information about participating in a session, check out our user guide webpage.

Sponsoring teaching assistants for “Creator role access"

Staff members who would like their teaching assistants to be able to create and run polls, can apply for them to have “creator role access” to the service via our online form.

“Creator role access" would be granted to a teaching assistant for one academic year only. Staff members can reapply, on behalf of the teaching assistant, at the beginning of Michaelmas term for any subsequent year.

If the teaching assistant no longer requires “creator role access" to the service at the end of the academic year, they should download any poll content they need before access is removed.

Getting help

We have put together a number of user guides to help you understand how to use the TCDpolls service. Check them out via the below link.

There are also links to recordings of previous trainings and webinars that are available to access.

The Vevox website also has several useful resources for learning more about the application.

Both the staff member and sponsored teaching assistant with "creator role access" should familiarise themselves with the Terms of Use for this service.

If you required further help, please contact the IT Service Desk.