Authorising Party

For security and data protection reasons IT Services requires that certain requests made to the IT Services Desk are authorised by a Head of Area. These include:


Creation or modification of shared calendars:

  • Request for permission changes to any public calendars within the department e.g request read/write access to any staff member calendar on behalf of another staff member


Creation of guest Wi-Fi network accounts:

Also, in the absence of the registered owner of the local administrator of a computer


Changes to the registered owner of a computer:

  • Allows the user full access to the data on the nominated computer
  • Allows the user to submit any subsequent requests in respect of the nominated computer e.g rebuilds (wiping all data from the machine and reformatting), requesting any other user to be given admin access to the machine


Addition of a user to the local administrator group on a computer:

  • Allows the user full access to all the data on the machine
  • Allows the users to install or uninstall any software on the machine


Setting up an Authorising Party

Heads of Areas are invited to nominate another staff member who would be authorised to make the above requests on their behalf.

It is important to note that the responsibility inherent in these requests would remain under the remit of the Head of the Area.

If you wish to nominate an Authorising Party please email with the details.