Policy on IT Services Computer Rooms Usage

  • Only holders of valid Trinity computer account usernames are permitted to use IT Services computer room equipment.
  • Users are obliged to produce a Valid Trinity ID card when requested to do so by a member of IT Services staff.
  • IT Services Computer Rooms are provided to facilitate students in conducting their academic and course work. Students using the computers and other equipment for personal use may be asked to vacate the facilities when they are required for legitimate academic use by other students or Trinity staff.
  • Please refrain from unplugging Computers from their power supply as by doing so you may cause issues to the computer and disrupt the next user.
  • Please note you may be asked to move if you are not using the computer.
  • Please refrain from using your own devices in the Computer room as it inconveniences users wishing to use the equipment that is already provided.
  • If you need to use your own Computer in the labs, please ensure that you leave the existing Computer ready for the next user.
  • Eating, drink or the use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden in the IT Services Computer Rooms.
  • Where a teaching class is scheduled for one of the rooms, then all users must vacate the computers before the class starts. In some cases the lecturer may permit others to use the room during classes, however this is totally at the discretion of the lecturer who has booked the room.
  • Please note if you are not using the Computer for Academic use and all PCs are in use, you may be asked to vacate the computer by other students who need access for academic purposes.
  • The playing of computer games is strictly forbidden in IT Services Computer Rooms

Policy on Backing up Personal Filestorage

Each user is obliged to monitor and maintain the amount of space they have used in their Personal Filestorage to ensure they do not exceed the 100MB quota, and to back up any critical files they have stored there. IT Services is not responsible for backing up the data in users' filestorage folders.

IT Services recommends that each user back up their data to USB or their one drive. IT services do not save or back up any data left on these computers. Please be advised that once a computer is restarted any data on the computer may be lost. It is not possible to retrieve lost data from these machines.

Users must ensure that any files they have saved to the local storage of a device during a session is off-loaded and stored elsewhere as Computers may be re-imaged without notification to perform necessary updates and ensure devices are fit to use for the next user.