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Below is some useful information to help you get set up with your computer account and computer in Trinity.

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This page will give you an overview of the following steps:

How to set up your account and computer | Staff guide

This video will take you through the steps to set up your Trinity computer account and computer.


Step 1: Obtain your Trinity username, email address and initial password

Before setting up your Trinity computer account, you need your Trinity username, email address and initial password. You will get these details from HR along with your ID card.

Getting your account information



Step 2: Set up your Trinity computer account with Microsoft 365

To complete the setup of your computer account, you will need your Trinity email address and initial password that you will receive from HR (see step 1 above). During the setup, you will enable two-step sign-in for your account and change your initial password.

Your options are to verify your account via the Microsoft Authenticator app or by SMS text message to your phone.

Instructions for setting up your computer account



Step 3: Set up your computer

Previously used Windows computers

If you have been given a Windows computer that was previously used by another member of staff in Trinity, you will need to have the ownership and control of that computer transferred to you. The request for the change of ownership should come from your Head of Area or School/Office Administrator and be emailed to the IT Service Desk at

Previously used Mac computers

If you’ll be working on a previously used Mac computer, you’ll need to know the local administrator password for it when carrying out certain actions such as installing software.  IT Services will not have a record of this local administrator password. The previous owner or your manager may have this password.

New computers

If you get a brand-new Trinity-owned computer, or will be working on campus on your own computer which meets our network requirements, then you will need to connect it to the Trinity network. To do this, please fill in and submit a network request form. You will need your Trinity username and password to log into the form as it is accessible internally only.

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email from the IT Service Desk with step-by-step configuration instructions to set up Trinity network connectivity. 

Submit network request form

Purchasing a new computer

New computers should only be purchased from official Trinity computer suppliers.

IT purchasing advice for staff



Step 4: Submit a VPN connection request

Staff who are using fully networked, Trinity-owned computers can also be set up with the Staff VPN service, something you will need if using this computer from off-campus locations such as when working from home. If you will be only using this computer on campus or in a Trinity location such as St. James’ or Tallaght, then you will not need the Staff VPN service.

The Staff VPN service provides a secure “tunnel” connection into the Trinity network, and is required for remote access to certain Trinity services when not connected to the College network, including our deployment of Windows security updates, and access to certain network file storage servers.  When working from home or some other off-campus location you don’t need the Staff VPN service to access most online Trinity services hosted in the “cloud”, for example your email, OneDrive, Teams, Blackboard, and so on.

To get started, submit a Staff VPN connection request form. You will need your Trinity username and password to access the form.

Submit staff VPN connection request form

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