Getting Started with IT Projects

Project Ideation - Do you have a new Project idea ?

If you have identified a need for a new project which has an IT requirement or have a requirement for a system upgrade, hardware replacement or significant technology change, you should fill out the Project Ideation Form.

Contacting IT Services Project office

If you have filled out the Project Ideation Form or need to contact the IT Services Project Office with regard to your current or new project, you can email the IT Services Project Office at will then contact you to provide advice on your request.

What happens when I submit a project proposal to IT services?

Firstly you will be required to complete a Project Proposal form, which outlines information relating to your proposed project. The IT Services project office can assist you in filling out this document. Once completed, the proposal is assessed by IT Services and submitted to the IT Services Project Portfolio Committee for review.

This Committee meets on a monthly basis to review proposals and to prioritise each proposal taking into account other projects in progress; other project requests; availability of resources; funding; convergence with the University’s strategy; academic, research or administrative needs.

If approved, IT Services Project Office will move the project proposal into the project pipeline, work with the proposer on the timelines for delivery and nominate a Project Manager(PM) to manage the IT Services delivery part of the project.

The project manager assigned will work with the Proposer to ensure the project is managed using the IT Services Project Management Process. This process follows best practice in Project Management and applies the standard project management lifecycle of proposal evaluation, initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing.

The Project Proposal is the first step of this Process – Proposal Evaluation. It is an important to register your project request, and engage with the IT Services Project office in this way to allow us to evaluate, cost, schedule, resource and prioritise your project proposal.

Do IT services provide funding for my project?

No. IT Services do not provide funding for projects outside IT Services. We can provide consultancy and advice on ICT costs for your project.