Other Devices

You may also need other devices (outside your computer) for your work, such as a desk or mobile phone and access to a printer.

Person sitting behind two computer screens talking on the phone.

This page will give you an overview of the following items:

If you are looking for information on your work computer, please see our page for Getting set up.

Please note: Some of the below services incur a cost to the requesting area, so please make sure that any requests have been authorised by your Head of Area first.




IT Services provides the central telephone services for Trinity. Our telephone service page includes information on how to use the internal phones, forms for submitting requests for new phone extensions, mobile phones, and phone extension moves, and more.

Telephone service page



Connecting a mobile device to the Staff Wi-Fi

You may want to connect your mobile device, like your phone or your tablet, to the Trinity Staff Wi-Fi network. This service is available to staff using devices with supported versions of iOS/iPadOS and Android.

How to connect your mobile device




Check out the below guides on how to connect your computer to a network printer.

Windows - Connecting to a network printer

MacOS - Connecting to a network printer


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