Staff members will get an official Trinity email account with Microsoft 365.

Your email address will be in the format of: For example, Susan Smith's username is 'ssmith' so her email address will be

The application used by Microsoft 365 for viewing your email and calendar is called 'Outlook'.

Getting Started

There are a number of ways to open Outlook to view your staff email and calendar.


  1. Open a web browser
  2. Type in the browser address bar
  3. Sign in using your Trinity staff email address and password
  4. Once logged in, click on the Outlook icon in the left-hand menu


  1. Open a web browser
  2. Type in the browser address bar
  3. Sign in using your Trinity staff email address and password

Via the app

Installing the Outlook app

Configuring the Outlook app once installed

Additional Information

It is not possible to change the default email address, however you may request a 'long' email address in the form

This long address works alongside to the default email address. After the long address is set up, emails sent to the default address will still be received.

Request a long email address

If you are logging in to your staff email or Microsoft 365 from outside the Trinity network you may be required to verify your login using Two Step Sign-In.

More about Two Step Sign-In

IT Services do not currently support any Microsoft 365 add-ins or third-party applications.

Users should be aware that each add-in or application is a service provided not by Microsoft but by a separate third-party company that the University does not have a current contract with.

Enabling the add-in may involve giving the third-party company access to your Trinity College email and Calendar data and in some instances allowing the data to be transferred to the Third-party company.

This may cause data security and privacy issues and may not be GDPR compliant.

Your Microsoft 365 Roadmap

The Microsoft 365 apps we use in Trinity keep evolving with changes and new features being introduced on a frequent basis by Microsoft.  To help you keep informed and to learn about the updates, follow Your Microsoft 365 Roadmap, available on SharePoint to all staff in Trinity College Dublin.  

Access Your Microsoft 365 Roadmap

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