Upcoming Projects

Pipeline Projects in Ideation Stage

A review of the Kinetic system is in place to look at upgrading both the system and the underlying infrastructure. Once a scope of work has been outlined the project will move out of ideation to initiation.

A number of projects are being progressed and further details will be published following approval of the projects business case.

Trinity Sports Union, formerly known as DUCAC recently underwent a redevelopment and rebranding process during the 2021/22 academic year. A significant part of the redevelopment of the sports union involved a review of current sports processes such as sport club signups and management. It was determined that many of the current processes are outdated and are required to be revised to be more user-friendly and efficient for student users.

This project focuses on the implementation of a new sports club management software, Clubforce, for all 49 sports clubs in Trinity College Dublin. The main benefits include an easy sign-up process, quick payment process and split payment functionality, and the ability for external members to sign up and be efficiently managed as well as combining procedures for sports clubs, participation in sports, and volunteering currently hosted by several platforms.

This project has been placed on hold pending Vendor functionality.