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Staff Wi-Fi - How to connect - Windows

Submit a network request

You can only follow the instructions below once your network request has been processed and you have received an email from IT Services with important configuration information. If you have not yet submitted a network request, please follow the network request link to do so.

To connect your computer to TCDwireless network (Staff Wi-Fi service)

Choose from one of the options below:

Wi-Fi Connection Steps for laptops already on network Where laptop has already been configured and joined to College domain, e.g. where you have already followed the wired or first time Wi-Fi configuration steps. First Time Wi-Fi Connection Steps for Wi-Fi Only Laptops Where laptop has not yet been configured and joined to College domain. Steps for first time login to Wi-Fi Only Laptop Where user is logging into a WiFi only laptop for the first time and the laptop has already been configured and joined to the College domain.