Glean is a unique software package to help with navigating, annotating and organizing digital recordings of lectures and seminars. Glean shows you a visual representation of the digital recording. With this tool you can quickly review, reference and identify key sections of speech to support editorial work or research.


  • Importing Audio, Images, Text and Slides
  • Grouping, editing and highlighting audio segments
  • Linking notes, images and slides with matching audio recordings
  • Quick review and organization of previous Notetaker files

Try It

A 30 day free trial available from the glean website by clicking on this link.

If you would like to continue to use the software after this period just get in touch with your Disability officer.

You can also download the mobile app by clicking or scanning the QR code.

Quick Overview Video

Quick Overview Video

Using Glean

Glean works as a Chrome Web App. It will work on any operating system as long as a Chrome based browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is installed.


Windows Install Instructions


MacOS Install Video

More Help?

For more support on using & troubleshooting Glean please check out the - Glean website