Education and Outreach

Astrophysics and Space Physics at Trinity College Dublin is committed to the public understanding of astronomy and astrophysics. Our members regularly give public talks and lectures and participate in many science outreach activities. Use the subsections below to explore the different types of resources and programs.

Photo of Peter from the ARG group members who regularly give public talks

Public Talks

ARG group members regularly give public talks aimed at informing the public about the essential role of astronomy in science education. These talks usually focus on the spectacular advances in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology over the recent years. Talks are usually organized for astronomy clubs and secondary school classes. Please contact the speaker directly if you would like to invite them to give a talk.


Three student from transition year at the Transition Year Physics Experience week


The Transition Year Physics Experience (TYPE) week is a week long programme of physics related events organised by the School of Physics for transition year students. As part of this program an 'Astrophysics Day' is organized by ARG members where students:

  • attend introductory talks on the universe and the solar system
  • take part in creating a comet in the laboratory!
  • learn about careers for astrophysicists
  • attend a 3-D interactive simulation of the Sun!
  • interact with students and research scientists working in the astrophysics department


Image of a star in the night sky


The World Wide Web is one of the most powerful educational tools available where one can easily find an abundance of information on astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. The following are some excellent websites explaining the basics of these subjects:


Comic Strip depicting day in the life of Astrophysics

A Day in the Life of an Astrophysicist

If you're wondering what it's like to be part of the Astrophysics Research Group, the comic on the right of the screen recounts a typical day in the life of an Astrophysicist. If you wish to learn more about being an astrophysicist, feel free to contact any members of our group.

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