The Magnetism & Spin Electronics Group


Principal Investigators

Prof. Michael Coey

School of Physics & CRANN, Trinity College Dublin

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Professor Emeritus from 2012
Erasmus Smith's Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy (1724) from 2007-2012

Prof. Plamen Stamenov

School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin

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SIRG (SFI) Assistant Professor, Ussher Lecturer of Physics (Nanomagnetism) and CRANN Principal Investigator

Group Members

Jack O'Brien
Brian Shortall
Sruthy Poulose
Dr. Karsten Rode
Dr. Jean Besbas
Dr. Yangkun He
Ajay Jha
Rui Zhang
Lucy Prendeville
Kieran Kilbane
Dr. Zsolt Gercsi
Dr. Niclas Teichert
Dr. Pilar Jiménez Cavero
Ross Smith
Simon Lenne
Zexiang Hu
Orrie Larmour