M.Sc. and Ph.D. Graduates

Below are is a table of MSc and PhD Graduates 1983 - 2022

2022 Rui Zhang PhD →TCD
  Magnetic investigations of Mn-based and Mn-free potential half metals
2022 Ajay Jha PhD →TCD
  Electronic transport studies of highly-polarized compensated ferrimagnetic thin films: Mn2RuxGa
2022 Sruthy Poulose PhD →TCD
2021 Tim Butcher PhD →PSI, Switzerland
  Transient Inhomogeneous Ionic Solutions - The Influence of the Magnetic Field Gradient
2021 Katarzyna Siewierska PhD →TCD
  Development and Characterisation of a Zero-Moment Half-Metal
2018 Akshara Verma PhD →USA
  Nano-fabrication and electronic transport properties of silicon nanowires
2018 Nigel Carroll PhD →TCD
  Detection of magnetic nanowires using magnetoresistive sensors for biological applications
2018 Stephen Barry Porter PhD →TCD
  Magnetic and Electronic Phenomena in Oxide Interfaces, Thin Films and Heterostructures
2018 Jane Mary O’Reilly PhD →TCD
  Novel Instrumentation for High Frequency Electrical Conductivity and Magnetisation Dynamics Characterisation
2017 Kiril Borisov PhD →KIT, Germany
  Point Contact Andreev Reflection and Tunneling Spectroscopy using High-Field Superconductors, Topological Insulators and Compensated Ferrimagnets
2016 Pelin Tozman PhD →NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan
  Novel hard magnets
2016 Amir Sajad Esmaeily PhD →TCD
  Nanoporous anodic aluminium oxide for magnetic, mechanical and energy efficient systems
2016 Yong Chang Lau Ph.D →NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan
  Magnetic thin films for spin-transfer torque applications
2016 Davide Betto PhD →ESRF, Grenoble, France
  New materials for spin electronics
2014 Karl Ackland PhD →TCD
  d0 magentism in oxides and alkaline earth hexaborides
2013 Huseyin Tokuc Ph.D →Turkey
  Investigation of Organic/Ferromagnet Interfaces and Magnetoresistive Characteristics of Small Molecule Organic Semiconductor
2012 Simone Alborghetti Ph.D →NU Singapore
  Electron and Spin Injection in Short-Channel Organic Semiconducting Devices
  Damaris Fernandez Donoso Ph.D →TCD
  Influence of magnetic fields on cathodic growth of phases in acidic sulphate and acidic copper sulphate systems
2011 Daragh Crotty Ph.D →TCD
  An Investigation into the Effects of Magnetic Fields on Biological Cell Processes
  Franklyn Burke Ph.D →Micron Technology
  Electronic Transport and Magnetic Properties of Organic Semiconductors
  Peter Dunne Ph.D →IFW, Dresden
  Near Electrode Effects in Magneto-Electrochemistry
  Marita O’Sullivan Ph.D →UK
  Transparent Conductive Oxides
2010 Kaan Oguz Ph.D →Intel Ireland
  Spin Transfer Torque Magnetisation Switching in MgO Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
  Fiona Byrne Ph.D →Takeda Ireland Ltd.
  Magnetic Barcodes in Molecular Medicine
  Ciarán Fowley Ph.D →HZDR, Dresden
  Modification of anisotropy in ultra-thin magnetic layers
2009 Zhu Diao Ph.D →University of Alberta
  Magnetization Processes and Low Frequency Fluctuations in Micromagnetic Structures
  Jonathan Alaria Ph.D  
  Magnetic Semiconductors for Spin Electronics
2008 Plamen Stamenov Ph.D  
  Metals, Semimetals and Semiconductors for Spinelectronics
  Catherine Boothman Ph.D →DCU
  Investigation of Transport Through Interfacial Barriers Between Metals and Semiconductors
  Gen Feng Ph.D →NIST
  MgO Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions and Their Applications
  P.J. McCauley MSc.  
  Design and Construction of a 25 Tesla Pulsed Magnetic Field System
2006 Robbie Gunning Ph.D →Limerick University
  Magnetism in Dilute Magnetic Oxides and Related Materials
  Matthew Crofton MSc.  
  Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Fe3N1+x Thin Films Grown by DC Sputtering
  Eoin Clifford Ph.D →Eirgrid, Dublin
  A Study of Spin Polarization in Potential Half-Metals
  Emma Kerr Ph.D →Milron
  Spin Valves and their Applications
2004 Fernando Rhen Ph.D →Tyndall Institute Cork
  Electrodeposition of Coercive Ferromagnetic Films
2003  Ciara Fitzgerald Ph.D →AIB Capital Markets
  Novel Magnetic Materials for Spin Electronic Applications
  Cora O'Reilly Ph.D →Intel Ireland
  Magnetic Field Effects on Electrodeposition and The Properties of Electrodeposited Nickel and Nickel-Copper
  Oscar Céspedes Boldoba Ph.D →CEA, Saclay
  Spin Transport and Magnetic Nano Structure
2002 Katie Gallagher Ph.D →NRL, Washington
  Mechanically Alloyed Sm-Co Hard Magnetic Materials  
  Janko Versluijs Ph.D. →IMEC, Leuven
  Mesoscopic Transport in Ferromagnetic Oxides  
2001 Treasa Ní Mhíocháin Ph.D. →Arthur Andersen
  Numerical Simulations of Magnetic Field Effects on Electrodeposition  
2000 Gareth Hinds Ph.D. →NPL, Teddington
  Magnetic Field Effects on the Electrodissolution and Electrodeposition of Copper  
  Laurent Clochard M.Sc. →New Zealand
  Flux Concentration in Permanent Magnet Variable Flux Sources  
  Rui Borges Ph.D. →University of Lisbon
  Preparation, Characterisation and Technological Applications of Half-Metallic Ferromagnetic Oxides in Ceramic and Thin-Film Form  
  Amanda Barry Ph.D. →Velindre Hospital, Wales
  CrO2 - A General Study  
  Rhian Mari Thomas Ph.D. →Barclay's Capital, London
  Magnetic Properties of Mixed Valence Manganites  
1999  James O'Sullivan Ph.D.  →Trikon Technologies, Newport
  Rare-earth Transition Metal Isoropic Nanocomposites and Anisotropic Magnets  
1998  Nora Dempsey Ph.D.  →CNRS, Grenoble
  Development of Coercivity in Sn2Fe17N3  
  Duncan Cole Ph.D.  →Arthur Andersen, Dublin 
  Pulsed Laser Deposition of Novel Materials and Devices  
  Rao Xiao-Lei Ph.D. →San Huan, Ningbo
  Intrinsic Magnetic Properties of the RFe6Sn6 Intermetallis Compounds  
1997  Guillaume Durville Ph.D. →Proctor&Gamble, Brussels 
  Permanent Magnetic Variable Flux Source  
1996  Kathy O'Donnell Ph.D.  →NEXX, Boston 
  Resonance Enhancement in Two-Phase Nanostructures Produced by Mechanical Alloying  
  Patrick Brown M.Sc. →Imperial College,London 
  Characterisation and Shimming of Magnetic Field Profiles produced by Hallbach Cylinders  
  Wagner da Nova Mussel Ph.D. →UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
1995  Hugh Masterson Ph.D.  →Dublin City University
  Pulsed Laser Deposition, Structure and Magneto optical Characterisation of Ferrite and (Zn1-xMnx) Te Thin Films  
  Stephan Brennan Ph.D. →Iona Technologies, Dublin 
  Intrinsic Magnetic Properties of a Gas-phase Interstitially Modified R2Fe17 Intermetallics with Ammonia  
1994  Qi Qinian Ph.D. →Wuhan Semiconductor
  Mössbauer Studies and Band Structure Calculation for Rare Earth iron Interstitial Intermetallic  
  Andrew Fagan M.Sc. →Neuroscience Institute, TCD 
  Giant Magnetoresistance in Massive Granular Co-Ag  
  David Hurley Ph.D.  →Magnetic Solutions, Dublin 
  Structure and Magnetic Properties of Interstitally Modified Rare Earth-Transition Metal Compounds, R(Fe11Ti)1-d(Z = N, C)  
1993  Justin Lawler Ph.D. →Scientific Systems, Dublin 
  Pulsed Laser Deposition of High Tc Superconductor Thin Films and Magnite/Superconductor Heterostructures  
  Chris Murray M.Sc.  →Intel Ireland
  The Development of Coercivity in Sm2Fe17 Carbides  
  Montserrat Enrech Ph.D →High School, Girona
  Pulsed Laser Deposition Characterisation and Properties of the Metallic Films and Co/Pd and Fe/Pd Multilayers  
  Robert Byrne M.Sc.  
  A vibrating-sample Magnetometer based on a Novel Permenent Magnet Configuration  
1992 Sun Hong Ph.D. →Hiroshima University
  Formation and Intrinsic Magnetic properties of the Interstitial Modified Compounds R2Fe17Z3-d(R=rare earth, Z = N or C)  
1991 Kevin Donnelly Ph.D. →EI, Dublin
  The effect of Deoxygenation on High-Temperature Superconductors  
1990 Jacqueline Allan Allen Ph.D. →Forfas, Dublin
  A Study of the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Smectite Clays Pillared with Iron, Aluminium, Zironium or Hafnium  
  Hu Bo-Ping Ph.D. →San Huan, Peking
  Intrinsic Magnetic Properties of the ThMn-structure Compounds R(Fe11Ti)(R=rare earth)  
  Michel Viret M.Sc. →CEA Saclay
  Transport Properties of Copper Oxide Superconducting Thin Films  
  John Armstrong Ph.D. →Liverpool University
  Laser Processing of Metallic Thin Films and Surfaces  
1988 James Gavigan Ph.D. →European Commission
  Intrinsic Magnetic Properties of the R2M14B Series of Compounds (R = rare earth, M = Fe or Co)  
  Rodney Birch M.Sc. →IBM, Dublin
  A Computational Model of Diffraction from Ion-Containing Macromolecules  
1986 Jacqueline Allan Allen M.Sc. →Forfas, Dublin
  The Magnetic Properties of Some Brazilian Oxisols  
  Swee Kin Lim M.Sc. →California
  The Ionic Microstructure of Perfluorocarboxylated Ion Exchange Membrane  
  Dominic Ryan Ph.D. M→cGill University, Montreal
  The Magnetic Properties of Iron Based Binary Amorphous Alloys; Hydrogen Effects  
1985 Eamon Devlin M.Sc. →NCSR Demokritos, Athens
  The Effects of Hydrogen on Some Amorphous Rare Earth- Transition Metal Alloys  
1984 Adrian Meagher Ph.D. →DTU Lyngby
  A Mössbauer Study of ionic Polymer Microstructure  
1983 Yu Bo-Liang M.Sc. →Magnetism Laboratory, CAS, Peking
  Magnetic Properties of Iron-Chromium Glasses  
  Aliki Moukourika Ph.D. →University of Ioannina, Greece
  Magnetic Properties of Iron Rich Silicate Minerals