outreach semiconducters

The Semiconductor Photonics Group is highly committed with the society by participating in many outreach programmes for schools and the general public which will stimulate discussion on future new technologies and materials and the role of science in defining the way we live. A list of the latest outreach activities carried out by members of the group are listed below:


Name of eventDetailsAudience TypeDate
Social Media Demonstration (Additive Manufacturing Laboratory) Demonstration of 3D printing Social media, general public 18-Apr-2019
PubhD 3D printing technology talk General public 3-Oct-2018
Development of a Project-Oriented Photonic Education Course Group member's advice to develop a course of Photonics for high school students High school students 7-14-Aug-2018
Native Scientist Science talk General public 22-Sep-2018
Science Career Day Talk to Gort Community School Transion year students 26-Apr-2018
TY Week TY programme Transition year students 18-Apr-2018
Cafe Curie-Probe talk Researchers' night General public 29-Sep-2018