List of Donors

The School of Physics would like to thank all of our alumni and staff who have generously donated to our on-going fundraising projects. We appreciate your financial support however big or small.

I-Lofar Donors

The Irish Low Frequency Array (I-LOFAR) project aims to build a cutting-edge radio telescope in Birr Castle Demesne, home of the historical Leviathon optical telescope. The project will see Ireland join the International LOFAR network. See or contact


  • Fergal W Toomey
  • Keith Heron
  • John J Miller
  • Joseph Roche
  • Charles M Walmsley
  • Eugene F Kelly
  • Graham Wheeler
  • Liam C Ó Súilleabháin
  • Andrew J Fagan
  • Robert C Barklie
  • Angela F O'Connell
  • Bruce Clark



Walton Donors

Nobel Laureate and former Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, E. T. S. Walton, will be commemorated in a new campus sculpture by Eilis O'Connell. The sculpture also marks Dublin's designation as the European City of Science 2012. See press releases for more information.


  • The Walton Family
  • Shane P Allwright
  • Robert C Barklie
  • Peter H Boyle
  • Susan J Cobham
  • Derek G Doherty
  • John F Donegan
  • Ian Elliott
  • Eric C Finch
  • Peter Gallagher
  • Patrick Geoghegan
  • Robert H Gilligan
  • Anne M Healy
  • Peter S Hutchinson
  • Institute of Physics
  • William E Lyons
  • David J McConnell
  • Ignatius T McGovern
  • Bruce D Misstear
  • Cathal G Ó Háinle
  • Derek J O'Toole
  • Susan M Parkes
  • Charles H Patterson
  • David J Simms
  • Richard A Somerville