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Donations in USD can be made online through the University of Dublin fund website which allows alumni and friends in the US to financially support Trinity initiatives in a tax efficient manner, exempt from Federal Income Tax. Learn more about donating in USD here.

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"I don’t believe we can recreate our college times but we can ensure that others receive the same opportunities that we had to experience the unique life education that Trinity offers. The better we can make the facilities and surroundings, the more epic the adventure those that follow will have"

- Mark Dennis, B.B.S. Business Studies, 1980
"Studying at Trinity has given me so many opportunities, both in Ireland and abroad. I loved my time there and wanted to pass that gift onto other people by giving back to Trinity Access and the incredible research programs taking place in the University"

- Alysia Cox, B.Sc Physiology, 2013
"Our huge good fortune to be educated in one of the great universities of the world, in the middle of one of its great cities. I think we are all very lucky and if we can do something for Trinity, that is great too"

- Hamish McRae, B.A.(Hons) Economics & Political Science, 1996