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Inspiring Generations

Inspiring Generations, the Campaign for Trinity College Dublin, was launched in May 2019, the largest campaign ever launched on the island of Ireland and the most ambitious in the history of the University.

With Inspiring Generations, Trinity invited alumni and friends to join in driving the university’s excellence in education, research and civic engagement. The campaign included key capital development projects and the New Generations initiative to bring new talent to the university through student scholarships and the creation of more tenure-tracked academic posts.

Inspiring Generations set ambitious goals: to raise €400 million in donations and garner 150,000 hours of volunteering. Remarkably these goals were met in the summer of 2021, just two years after the public launch of the campaign and during a time of pandemic. The whole Trinity global community pulled together to support students and the university through challenging times, and to advance the university’s excellence in education and research.

Fundraising for many of the Inspiring Projects of the campaign is now complete, including the Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation, the Trinity Centre for Asian Studies and the Trinity Covid-19 Immunology Project. TDA continues to prioritise fundraising for ongoing Inspiring Projects, including Trinity Access.

Inspiring Generations is changing the Trinity landscape - both the physical landscape and the intellectual and academic landscape as we welcome new, diverse talent and new approaches to education and research. The phenomenal success of Inspiring Generations has established Trinity as a philanthropic university.

We are proud to continue working with our phenomenal donors, friends and alumni to demonstrate leadership, drive the research that changes lives, and provide inspiration to the rising generations, who rely on an excellent education for their start in life.

Celebrating 150,000 Volunteer Hours

Together we have reached our Inspiring Generations volunteer hour goal. Thank You!