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Trinity Business School (TBS) achieved triple accreditation in 2021, placing it in the top 1% of business schools worldwide, and named ‘highest riser’ globally by the Financial Times. The School’s rise has been helped by a dedicated group of business leaders, alumni and friends with the vision to re-imagine the future of TBS, and the commitment to make it happen.

It’s thanks to this group’s outstanding generosity and leadership that, in 2019, TBS re-opened in a new building, which is near zero energy and includes a 600 seat auditorium, smart classrooms and the Trinity Ideas Space and student incubator, Tangent. The new building is enabling the ambitious expansion of curricula, faculty and research across international business, finance, management and entrepreneurship.

TBS’s new strategy, Transforming Business for Good aims to deliver the business education and research that promotes ethical leadership, eco-sustainability and humane business practices. Says Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of TBS: Our mission is to ‘transform business for good’ not only because it is the right thing to do – especially because there really is no Planet B – but also because it is the new frontier of competition. Businesses that are unable to deliver ethical, humane and sustainable goods and services simply won’t survive. This strategy is fundamentally about making a positive difference to business and society.

TBS donors, alumni and friends are actively supporting key initiatives of the strategy, including Pathways to Business, a partnership with Trinity Access to encourage students from under-represented areas to pursue business careers.

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