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Trinity Sanctuary Fund

The Trinity Sanctuary Fund is a fund that has been established to provide a safe support to all at-risk students and scholars fleeing war and persecution around the world.

Established in response to the huge challenges faced by students and scholars from Ukraine, the Fund will be open to other at-risk groups, such as those fleeing war and persecution in Afghanistan and Syria.

The Fund will provide those most in need with targeted financial payments, along with a programme of intensive support to include the following:

  • A financial bursary for students, or salary for staff on a research fellowship
  • Pastoral care and counselling with Trinity services
  • English language classes
  • A laptop
  • Travel card and meal expenses
  • Tuition fee waiver or contribution towards fees
  • Accommodation where needed

When we support displaced students and researchers through the Trinity Sanctuary Fund we are sending them a powerful message: that they belong to Trinity and deserve to be here. It shows that we value their contribution, and that when we place access, equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of our mission, these are not just words. They are values that we embody as a community.

Trinity College Dublin is a University of Sanctuary and a member of the Scholars at Risk network.

Through Global Trinity, Trinity Access and our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy, Trinity is uniquely well placed to offer sanctuary. Asylum seekers and displaced students and scholars coming to Trinity enter an environment where they are not made to feel different. They encounter others like them, coming from different countries, or overcoming significant obstacles to access education. They find a university which, through long experience, has anticipated their needs and developed a suite of targeted programmes for concrete assistance. And they find themselves part of a community which prioritises academic freedom and civic engagement and which seeks to understand, through research, the issues that create global conflict and migration.

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