Welcome to the School of Physics

Physics lies at the heart of most science and technology. Even modern biology seeks to analyse many of the processes of life in terms of physical laws.

The search for a fundamental understanding and the drive towards technological development in areas such as computer hardware continue to pose fresh challenges to physicists. They are tackled with a combination of experiment, theory and computation. Our undergraduate degree courses combine all three of these elements, and prepare the student for a wide range of careers.


Tercentenary of Physics in Trinity

The Erasmus’ Smith Professorship of Natural and Experimental Philosophy was established in 1724 and marked the beginning of the formal teaching of the subject we now call Physics in Trinity College Dublin. There has been enormous growth and transformation in the School of Physics over the past three centuries. We are organising a series of events to celebrate the occasion, honouring the scientific achievements of past and current physicists, as well as the highlighting the importance of physics to the national technology landscape and economic prosperity.

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Physical Sciences (TR063)

Physical Sciences (TR063) at Trinity is a four year undergraduate degree programme for students who like to solve problems. Whether it is studying galaxies, examining the potential of new lasers or investigating next generation nanomaterials, these Physics degrees will prepare you for a lifelong career of solving problems either in research, industry, business or education.

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