Anton Svetlichnyi


"It is indeed difficult to overestimate the knowledge and experience I have gained during the program. Firstly, I enjoyed the combination of the theoretical and computational approach during the studies, it gives the possibility to immediately apply the learned skills in practice and prepare for real work in the quantum industry. For example, many insides from the Open Quantum Systems course have been already used in my current research and significantly pushed it forward. Every week of the course, we discussed state-of-the-art topics on Quantum Computing with representatives from different companies. That makes me involved in the discourse even more and gives an overview of the possibilities of research I can do in Quantum Science and Technology. I have already applied to several internships in the companies and now choosing my future Ph.D. project.

I am grateful to the School of Physics, and Mrs. Gardner and Prof. Goold in particular for the possibility of studying here. Because of the scholarship I have a place to live in Dublin and can fully sustain my living here, which allows me to concentrate on my studies and research.

To sum up, the first semester at Trinity was amazing and I am really happy to study here!"


Lucija Grba

"I'm thoroughly enjoying my course. I can't say that it isn't difficult and challenging, but I also can't say that I'd have it any other way. I love a good challenge and my coursemates are brilliant, which creates this very productive, competitive environment. The materials we go through are incredibly interesting and often include cutting edge research! Our lecturers clearly enjoy what they do and successfully tranfer their excitement about the quantum world onto us. I really think that I made the right choice choosing this course.

Thanks to my Microsoft scholarship, I am able to work less and focus more on studying. This is a huge help, especially considering the ever increasing costs of living in Dublin. There's obviously a lack of women in the world of STEM in general, especially in physics. I'm happy to see Microsoft recognise this and offer financial support to help diversify the field of quantum.

Different people have different minds, different ways of thinking. My coursemates often approach a question differently to how I do and it's very interesting to see these different ways of finding an answer. I think we all learn more from it."

Aditi Rupade


"I decided to choose TCD for my masters because I believe it outlined all the classes that are needed to start a career in Quantum. Although I am from a non-physics background, I was a bit nervous about finding my position in this field but it is really amazing how the course instructors have created such a wonderful environment to learn and grow. I love how the professors believe in the learning curve of every student by giving us course assessments and individual feedback rather than having one exam. In the first semester, the classes were so well aligned that we studied about the realization of qubit in the physical, mathematical and computer science world from three well researched subjects which gave us the opportunity to reflect back and wonder about quantum technology from the bottom to top. The professors have also formed a “Journal Club”, an open and unbiased space where we can share and discuss our thoughts on Quantum Research and also learn about the perspectives of people in the course from diverse backgrounds.

The Microsoft scholarship has helped me focus all my attention on the course rather than being constantly worried about finances. It’s also nice to see how Microsoft is helping women in STEM to achieve their dreams. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. John Goold and Ms. Mairi Gardner for believing in me and helping me throughout the whole process."

Alina Gallardo

Alina Gallardo

"The course has exceeded my expectations; what I like the most is the experience and knowledge of our professors, as well as their commitment to helping us develop our careers in the best possible way. The modules are career-oriented and strategically planned for us to challenge ourselves but also to discover what area of quantum technologies we want to work in.

This financial support was the deciding factor in my decision to enrol in this course as a woman in STEM; it provided me with the financial resources to begin my career in quantum technologies. In my opinion, I'm confident that it gave me the opportunity I needed to develop my full potential, improve myself, and learn from the best."

Cheshta Joshi

Cheshta Joshi

"The course structure is very well designed. All the modules complement each other. They cover different areas of Quantum Science and give an excellent overview of the field. The courses are evaluated through an amazing set of assignments which are very intriguing and challenging. They test your programming, analytical and problem-solving skills making you industry as well as academia ready! The lectures are fun and we have interactive modules where we read and discuss research in quantum. We also have talks by industrial and academic speakers to keep us updated with the ongoing research in the field. We have a diverse cohort and the students come from different backgrounds of science, engineering and mathematics. The course has been a great learning experience for me and I am grateful to have received a scholarship from Microsoft Ireland to support my studies at Trinity."

2021-2022 Scholarship Winners

Matea Leahy

Scholarship winner, 2020-2021

Javaria Ghafoor

Scholarship winner 2020-2021